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As an MDF client ready to take on next-level commitments, you’ve already put in the time and energy to realize your goals and potential through online-training sessions; now it’s time to expand on those goals and further your growth. Welcome to in-person training. Here, you’ll meet with MDF every week and receive in person-training with Miranda and Lucas, while completing additional training independently. The duality of these two practices in tandem with maintaining your nutritional program is paramount in achieving your goals.


The benefits of this mode are compounding, as any assisted workout provides you with real-time advice, ensuring both your form is correct and your workouts are met with the intensity they deserve. Additionally, you’ll experience the support of having training experts at your side to help motivate you within your wellness program and guiding you every step of the way.


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Only successful MDF clients who complete a minimum of three months of online-training are eligible for in-person training sessions with Miranda and Lucas. This is to protect allocated time for clients who are seriously committed to their program and ready for the next chapter of their fitness journey. As such, you will complete weekly workouts with Miranda and Lucas alongside your independent workout sessions and sticking to your nutritional plan. Weekly check-ins are still a requirement of the program, as maintaining communication with your coaches is essential in realizing your goals. A budget should be developed to map out long-term commitment so completing your fitness program runs smoothly and is uninterrupted.


Clients who extend this trust and commitment to MDF see results that truly change their lives. They believe in their potential and work to better themselves everyday, tackling obstacles with vigor and intentionality. Let’s make positive changes today and work towards a stronger, healthier you you’ve always dreamed of.

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    We require our clients to hold their goals in high regard, which means you commit from day one and give it everything you’ve got! Once you are given your workout regimen and nutrition plan, you’ll designate time each week to complete weekly check-ins in a timely fashion and report on your progress. This includes discussing your completed workouts, correcting specific areas in need of attention with your coaches, and self-reflecting to ensure your getting the most out of your fitness journey. Always remember, you are in control of your success, and only you can be responsible for completing your personal transformation.

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    Be ready to accept the process and allow your goals the patience they deserve; facilitate dedication through continued effort and consistency and watch as your body is transformed, your relationship with food enlightened, and your determination reaffirmed. You will need to accept that long-term, significant progress is possible, but only through giving your body time to change, become stronger--more adaptive. The results will come. Trust us and trust yourself.

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    Cultivate the confidence you’ve always dreamed of obtaining and watch it incite positive change in other aspects of your life. As you take on new challenges and overcome limits--those you once thought impossible to surpass--you’ll become accustomed to rooting for yourself, and know you can achieve anything you set your mind to. This is the invaluable takeaway you will achieve, and what better way to celebrate such success than feeling beautiful in your own skin, powerful in your strength, and convicted in your goals.

Working with team MDF has been an absolute dream. I've never been in better shape and my confidence has reached new heights! I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

- ashleigh brown

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