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Now available in an all-new subscription format, Miranda's monthly workout program, Dreamfit Monthly is an excellent alternative to in-person training sessions with a certified personal trainer. Each month, Dreamfit offers an exclusive workout program available for you to purchase–and keep–for workouts to come. These plans include a powerful combination of strength and hypertrophy training, perfect for stimulating muscle development and keeping you on track to crush your goals and set new personal records.


Designed for intermediate and advanced training, our monthly subscription program provides the structure and direction required for sustainable progress while taking the guesswork out of creating an effective program on your own. Check out the program details below, and get started today! 


how it works

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preorder your plan

Getting started? Your first payment will activate your training program for the following month. 

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mark your calendar

Worry-free autopay will be processed  on the same date as your initial payment each month.

check your inbox

Your exclusive Dreamfit program will be emailed directly to you on the first of every month


“dreamfit monthly is worth way more  than they’re charging. these programs are well structured and thought out. $20 well spent.”
- trevor h.