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Now available in an all-new subscription format, Miranda's monthly workout program, Dreamfit Monthly is an excellent alternative to in-person training sessions with a certified personal trainer. Each month, Dreamfit offers an exclusive workout program available for you to purchase–and keep–for workouts to come. These plans include a powerful combination of strength and hypertrophy training, perfect for stimulating muscle development and keeping you on track to crush your goals and set new personal records.


Designed for intermediate and advanced training, our monthly subscription program provides the structure and direction required for sustainable progress while taking the guesswork out of creating an effective program on your own. Check out the program details below, and get started today! 


how it works

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preorder your plan

Getting started? Your first payment will activate your training program for the following month. 

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mark your calendar

Worry-free autopay will be processed  on the same date as your initial payment each month.

check your inbox

Your exclusive Dreamfit program will be emailed directly to you on the first of every month


“dreamfit monthly is worth way more  than they’re charging. these programs are well structured and thought out. $20 well spent.”
- trevor h.

  • Dreamfit Monthly

    Every month
    4 weeks of fully structured workout programs every month.
    • 4 weeks of workouts
    • 4-5 day programs
    • Optional ab sequence
    • Intermediate/advanced level
    • Worry-free autopay

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frequently asked

what type of equipment do i need? 

We recommend access to a commercial gym or well-equipped home gym to get the most out of your monthly program. You'll want access to a variety of dumbbells, a barbell, plates, an adjustable bench, resistance bands, pull cables and a pull-up bar.

when are new programs released?

New programs are released on the first day of the month. You must sign up by the last day of the prior month to receive it.

when will I get my program?

You'll get your program the first day of the month after you sign up for the program. So if you sign up on January 10th, you’ll receive your first program February 1st.

how will I get my program?

Your program will be automatically delivered to you in your email inbox. Please look for an email that says "Your Dreamfit Monthly Program" in the subject line. The link to download your program is there. 

i missed this month’s program. can i still get it?

Sorry, however, once the program has been released on the first of the month you’ll have to sign up and wait for the following month’s program.

can I get a refund?

There are no refunds on digital items.

is nutrition included?

This is not a nutrition program. We do offer private coaching where we can work together on your nutrition. Learn more about that here.

how many days of programs are included?

Our monthly program includes 4-5 full body primary strength training workouts per week. These workouts are updated every month.

what is the workout split? 

For all 4-day programs, you will have 2 upper and 2 lower body workouts, with abs included in the workouts. For all 5-day programs, you will have 3 upper and 2 lower, with abs included in the workouts. 

is cardio included?

Cardio is not featured in these programs, though it is recommended as an essential supplement to your workout routine.

how do I cancel my subscription?

Please log in to your profile in our store using the email and password you signed up with originally and click on "My Subscriptions" from the Members Menu. Click the dropdown arrow next to your subscription and select "Cancel Subscription".

can I pause my subscription?

You cannot pause your membership, but you can cancel it at any time and sign up again once you're ready to resume.

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