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  • miranda cohen

    Miranda’s lifework is cultivating empowerment and discipline in the lives of others. She believes that with diligence and commitment, a healthy lifestyle fosters success and confidence in other aspects of our lives–not just in the gym. She will push you past all conceived limits, and celebrate in your successes when you crush your goals. Get ready to achieve dreams.

  • lucas cherocci

    An underdog set out to prove that anyone has the power to transform their lives, Lucas sees the potential in everything--the capability to change one’s own narrative.  Overcoming his own challenges colors his ability to see past obstacles, and guide his clients through their programs with confidence and vigor; he doesn’t back down.




In its infancy, MDF represented the shared goal and passion of two like-minded individuals; health and strength training enthusiasts Miranda Cohen and Lucas Cherocci working together to help improve the lives of each other, and a few clients. As their coaching abilities grew and experience compounded, they realized the immense talent their shared knowledge offered to potential clients. Together, they made the choice to build a fitness community that cut through the noise, and provide straightforward, longstanding results through effective strength training and nutrition. 


The journey was not without obstacles. Doubt from individuals who could not see the vision MDF set forth to illustrate threatened to derail Miranda and Lucas’ goals time and again. But, like every other challenge the two had faced, the non-believers and their reservations never stood a chance. Confident in their abilities and partnership, the two pressed on to build a clientele that stretched from coast to coast, and crossed oceans reaching destinations as far as the United Kingdom and Europe. 


Today, MDF still represents that same passion and unrelenting focus housed in fitness fanatics Miranda Cohen and Lucas Cherocci, though their business has grown in size and capability. Eager to take on new challenges and expound on their knowledge, MDF is ready to help improve your life, and commit to your health goals--making your dreams come true.


miranda cohen

owner + personal trainer

Founder and CEO of Miranda Dream Fit, Miranda Cohen found her life purpose in coaching her clients, fervent in her desire to free them of the same self-doubt and disbelief Miranda once fought so hard to rectify in herself. Time and again, she proves that with dedication and discipline, achieving your fitness goals is possible when you have the proper resources, and a support system devoted to your success. Miranda will never give up; she does not believe in the language of “I can’t,” and never will.


A natural fighter, Miranda has endured challenges from the very beginning of her life; born with a hole in her heart, a condition known as Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD), she was encouraged by her mother to live a healthy lifestyle to combat her medical circumstances--the possibility of open heart surgery always looming over her future. Despite the limitations of her condition, Miranda persevered, not to be defined by what she couldn’t do, but instead recognized for all her potential. 


She landed her first job when she was 12 years old, caddying for successful business men and women on their routine golf outings. During these sessions, she was gifted with pieces of advice on how to be successful, accountable, confident and resourceful--all knowledge and experience that guided her throughout her youth. She developed a focus for her dreams and passions, which culminated in the art of competitive dance. Mastering ballet, hip-hop, jazz, tap, and lyrical routines were not without effort, though, as Miranda dedicated herself to the practice, her form, and comprehensively, her health. As a young woman set off into the world, she found center in joining Western Michigan University's dance team, and met a like-minded soul who mentored her, teaching her that self doubt and criticism is for the faint of heart and only stiffles personal growth. Free of these inhibitions and limits, Miranda began to train her body and cultivate expert knowledge in nutrition to become her best self. 


On a summer break from college, Miranda took a job working with her mother. As they spent more time together, Miranda’s mother saw a competitive edge in her daughter that prompted her to say, “you better start your own business one day--you’ll never be able to work for anyone else.” She was right, and Miranda knew it then, too. The pieces finally fell together. When she returned to college that next semester, she saw the potential her training and passion brought forth, and with the guidance and support of her friend and fellow mentor, Lucas, Miranda Dream Fit was born. 


Miranda received her credentials as a Personal Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association in (can I get the year here?). This certification culminates her diverse knowledge in both nutrition and training modalities, which enable her to effectively coach her clients, helping break through both the mental and physical barriers that so often stop individuals in completing their fitness journey. Miranda understands what the individual needs, and can create a workout plan that suits your lifestyle and needs. 



Lucas knows winners aren’t born, but instead develop through their successes and failures. He knows no other direct path to achievement than the one which pushes straight through, at full force. While his dedication is fierce, his life experience lends empathy to his clients’ goals and needs, making him the perfect coach to get your fitness journey on track.

nutritionist + personal trainer

lucas cherroci

A young man thrown into the shadow of his older brothers’ successes amid a competitive sports family, Lucas fought diligently for recognition. His desire for differentiation and identity fueled him in pursuing his love of football and health and fitness, building both physical and mental strength along the way. Throughout his youth, he realized that despite one’s background and social standing, nothing worth having in life comes without its challenges. To truly win--to be successful and experience personal growth takes time, efficacy, and effort; when failure comes, what truly defines the moment is how you overcome it. 


With this foundational knowledge, Lucas trained to become the best athlete he could be, eventually graduating from competitive high school football to joining Western Michigan University's D1 football team. There, he conditioned under the guidance of his teammates, trainers, and coaches, including college head coach, “row the boat,” PJ Fleck. Lucas’ instructors pushed him past his limits and demonstrated how hard-work solidifies strength and character, a life-lesson he returns to when met with new, difficult obstacles. Additionally, his training offered key insight into developing strength training routines and nutritional programs that optimized his life and health. As his college football career progressed, Lucas found solidarity and camaraderie in his friend Miranda, and the two realized the potential their shared passion and skill sets offered the world. Together, they became better athletes, supplementing their fitness goals with paired vigor and proficiency. 


Soon after, he realized his potential to exceed his expectations, and joined the MDF team to help improve the lives of others. Together, he and Miranda offer their clients comprehensive fitness programs tailored to the individual experience.


Lucas spent the first chapter of his professional career as a Personal Trainer at LifeTime Fitness. Dedicated to his passion, he furthered his education by attaining certifications as both a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He has trained individuals ranging from beginners, to committed, competitive athletes. He specializes in nutritional science, and lives to educate his clients on proper diet, as well as its efficacy in improving athletic performance.

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    Personal accountability is central to our clients’ success. As your fitness journey expands, you will have scheduled weekly check-ins to discuss your workout regimens and nutrition plans. It is crucial you complete each check-in as scheduled, and set aside time to address any concerns or questions you may have about your program. Clients who complete their check-in’s consistently and on time will see results. Therefore, being disciplined in your communication is mandatory for achieving success.

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    Patience is a crucial element in your journey to personal transformation, as any significant, long-term change will require time and effort. MDF is committed to providing you results that will improve your strength, confidence, and overall health, but doing so the right way through comprehensive workout routines and nutrition plans takes time. Remember, nothing worth having comes fast or easy; trust our experience, lean in to the process, and know results will come when you commit to your program long-term.

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    Know that you are capable of achieving your goals, and that our coaches have your best interests at heart. Our objective--beyond seeing your health transformed--is instilling within each of our clients an irrevocable sense of self-confidence. True individual empowerment develops in practice, routine, and discipline. At its core, your nutrition and fitness program will demonstrate your ability to change your life, feel good about yourself, and look amazing during the process.


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Training with MDF will change your life. As a client of the team, you will exceed your fitness expectations and build the confidence you’ve always dreamed of. Hey, It’s not bragging if it’s true, right? 


Our promise to you as our client is this: we will never give up on your potential. We will guide you through the tough challenges, celebrate your successes, and say “you can” when you are tempted to say “I can’t.” Hear about the experience firsthand from clients who work with us on the daily.

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