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DB ONLY Program - 4 Day

DB ONLY Program Overview:

-4 day split

(upper - lower - rest - upper - lower - rest - rest)

-mixture of strength & hypertrophy training

-focuses on overall physique development


Program Level: Intermediate/Advanced

DB ONLY Program - 4 Day

  • What is 'TRAIN WITH US'?

    ‘Train With Us’ is your opportunity to do the workouts that Lucas and I do. These programs are NOT easy.






    On the 1st of each month, we will release our personal workout programs, for ONLY $5 each.






    You will find form tips for both programs on our IG story’s (@lucascheroccifit & @mirandacohenfit), or on our YouTube channel (@officiallymirandacohen). We post a weekly YouTube video breaking down the exercises from the workouts in our program.

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