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Lucas June Program - 5 Day

June Program Overview:

-5-day split

(back|chest - legs - delts|arms - rest - legs - back|chest|delts - rest)

-mixture of strength & hypertrophy training

-focuses on overall physique development


Program Level: Advanced

Lucas June Program - 5 Day

  • A Note From Lucas

    Hi guys!






    This is my exact training program that I’m currently following for this month. I am doing a 5 day split with a focus on my overall physique’s development. You will have 2 rest days each week .. Thursday and Sundays. These workouts will PUSH you. These leg days will PUSH you. Get ready to step outside your comfort zone.






    Thank you for allowing our dreams to come to life and most importantly, thank you for your support! I am humbled that you want to ‘Train Like I Do’. I wouldn’t be here without your support. I appreciate you.







  • What is 'TRAIN WITH US'?

    ‘Train With Us’ is your opportunity to do the workouts that Lucas and I do. These programs are NOT easy.






    On the 1st of each month, we will release our personal workout programs, for ONLY $5 each.






    You will find form tips for both programs on our IG story’s (@lucascheroccifit & @mirandacohenfit), or on our YouTube channel (@officiallymirandacohen). We post a weekly YouTube video breaking down the exercises from the workouts in our program.

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