Monthly Dreamfit Program – May

Welcome to our 4-week Monthly Dreamfit Program! The first of every month, we will have a new workout program available for purchase–yours to keep! We will alternate between a 4 and 5-day program. May's program is a 4-day program.


This fully structured program includes abs in the supersets. You do not have to do the ab sequence, but if you are someone that enjoys doing abs in your workout, it's a great option! Cardio is NOT included in the programs. Our Dreamfit programs contain a mixture of strength and hypertrophy training. These programs are intermediate/advanced. It is up to you to make it as easy, or hard as you would like!


Once the month is over, a new workout program will be available on the first of the following month and you will not be able to purchase the previous month's program once the month has ended. Make sure you are staying updated with my Instagram stories for important updates and announcements regarding the Monthly Dreamfit Programs!


*This program is currently NOT an auto-pay program and requires purchase each month. 

Monthly Dreamfit Program – May


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