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online training experience

A fitness experience built for all the self-starters and independent individuals out there. Our online training packages supply you with ample resources and provides educated structure through comprehensive nutrition plans and personalized fitness routines--you bring the context and the sweat. Accountability is crucial, but upholding the responsibility of keeping up with your fitness plan comes with the flexibility of completing your workouts on your time, in your preferred environment. 


Our trainers will design the perfect exercise routine and diet custom-tailored to your goals, providing you with constructive criticism where needed to course-correct your progress through weekly check ins. Demonstrate fortitude and perseverance through completing a minimum of three months of successful online training and take your fitness routine to the next level.



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nutrition coaching

A customized nutrition program tailored to meet your specific goals and dreams. This personalized option will help teach you how to live a sustainable, healthy, and enriched lifestyle. Our mission is to help you create healthy eating habits, understand meal structuring and planning, to support you in your journey to complete and total body recomposition, and most importantly, guide you as you build a healthy relationship with food.


Lucas Cherocci, the certified nutritionist on Team MDF, will be the nutrition coach calculating your macros and guiding you to your goals. Nutrition coaching will take you to the next level and give you the final push to achieve the dream physique you have always yearned for. While nutrition coaching is included with our Online Coaching program, with our Nutrition Coaching (only) option, we'll support you in fueling your body efficiently, while you are responsible for your own training program.



our dream

We’re here to crush goals; our clients who succeed in online training sessions bring the same intensity we give to them. This means you have to want it just as much as we do. The ideal client who thrives in this setting is an individual who holds space for personal accountability, knows their capacity for change, isn't afraid of feeling uncomfortable in challenging their preconceived limits, but most importantly, is honest in the journey towards transformation.


These clients not only speak their convictions, but prove them by completing weekly check-ins on time, stick to their nutrition plans, and complete their recommended workouts with intensity and honor. If you give your prescribed fitness plans the integrity it deserves, both inside and outside of the gym, you will see results, but it starts and ends with you. If you’re ready to achieve your goals through the flexible platform of online training, let’s connect.

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You definitely need an all or nothing type of mentality to work with MDF. You can't half ass this program. MDF is serious and this program will become a lifestyle. You have to be self-disciplined and you will continue to build that when working with MDF.

- Brandy Villarreal

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