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Representing tried and true products that provide efficacy and improve your workout-Miranda only uses quality products she knows will nurture and fuel her body. Check out her top picks below! 


alani nutrition

favorite products: fit shakes & super greens

Miranda’s most trusted supplement brand is Alani Nutrition, known for their no-nonsense formulas, and flavorful products that pack a serious punch in restoring those depleted energy reserves after a killer workout. Miranda’s favorites? Alani’s silky smooth Vanilla Fit Shake packed with 20g of whey protein. Lactose and gluten free, this protein drink tastes like vanilla pudding–who can’t get down with that? Another must have product in Miranda’s supplement regimen is Alani’s Super Greens Powder–a formula that delivers necessary prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to heal your insides and support your immune system. Just one scoop, and Miranda is ready to take on the day. Use the code Miranda and get free shipping on all orders in the US when you purchase $50 or more!

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inaka power

favorite product: lever belts

When in need of supportive, comfortable gym gear to provide style and stability to her workouts, Miranda trusts Inaka Power and their top-of-the-line products. This company supplies patrons with gear that provides critical support to their body while strength training, and houses a line of breathable, comfortable athletic wear. Miranda’s favorite Inaka Power tool is the Lever Belt, which provides support to the lower back and abdomen, protecting her form and her spine while crushing her reps. No one can argue the added safety these products provide. 


Use the “code Miranda” and show your support team MDF while getting top-quality gear that will maximize the power of your squats and deadlifts.

code: miranda
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    hard working energy

    The team at MDF understands the value in alternative, supplemental products in achieving one’s fitness goals–but any product used as an aid should work just as hard as you do. We only associate our name with brands that pack a serious punch and offer substantial energy to your program.

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    moral business values

    Any company we work with should reflect the same ethics and morals we hold central to our business model, which means creating products that truly aim to better the quality of people's lives. This means treating clients with respect and sharing vested interests their success and proliferation.

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    management with integrity

    MDF only stands to represent companies and products that illustrate integrity through and through, and considers sponsoring such brands as an honor and great responsibility. As such, MDF and its associates are selective in the brands they work with, making sure each affiliated product and company consider themselves and their clients in high regard.


the dreamfit team

MDF Team Miranda and Lucas represent the energy and management skills critical to implementing long-lasting health and wellness regimens. Get to know the training experts equipped with effective skills who’re motivated to see your personal growth and watch your health transform. 

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