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Representing tried and true products that provide efficacy and improve your workout-Miranda only uses quality products she knows will nurture and fuel her body. Check out her top picks below! 


When in need of comfortable gym gear to provide style to her workouts, Miranda trusts Get Better Today and their top-of-the-line apparel. If you know, Miranda, you know that GBT represents everything she is. "Get Better Today" is a phrase that symbolizes an individual's will to wake up and push themselves to be more, regardless of their circumstance. It is a mantra that serves as a reminder to push yourself every day because every day counts. Because GBT doesn't relate to average. Grind for a better tomorrow or be satisfied with staying the same. Get GBT's breathable, comfortable athletic wear and use code “Miranda” to save 10%.



the dreamfit team

MDF Team Miranda and Lucas represent the energy and management skills critical to implementing long-lasting health and wellness regimens. Get to know the training experts equipped with effective skills who’re motivated to see your personal growth and watch your health transform. 

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