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‘Train With Us’ is your opportunity to do the workouts that Lucas and I do. These programs are NOT easy.


On the 1st of each month, we will release our personal workout programs, for ONLY $5 each.

You will find form tips for both programs on our IG story’s (@lucascheroccifit & @mirandacohenfit), or on our YouTube channel (@officiallymirandacohen). We post a weekly YouTube video breaking down the exercises from the workouts in our program.


Designed for intermediate and advanced training, both programs have their own focus and styles, while maintaining a powerful combination of strength and hypertrophy training. Our Train With Us programs provide the structure and direction required for sustainable progress while taking the guesswork out of the gym. 


Read more on this month’s programs below! 


how it works

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purchase your workout

Choose whether you want to follow along with Miranda or Lucas for this month's workout.

check your inbox

After purchasing, your workout will be sent directly to your inbox. Download and save it for easy access.

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follow along on YouTube

Join in on our YouTube channel each week as we break down each program and train with us! 

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Program Overview:

-5-day split (legs - upper - legs - rest - legs - upper - rest)

-mixture of strength & hypertrophy training

-focuses on back, delts, and overall leg development (with an emphasis on glutes).

Program Level: Intermediate/Advanced

TRAIN WITH US Miranda April Program.png
Program Overview:

-5-day split (back|chest - legs - delts|arms - rest - legs - full upper body - rest)

-mixture of strength & hypertrophy training

-focuses on overall physique development with an emphasis on chest, delts, back, and legs.



Program Level: Advanced

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frequently asked

what type of equipment do i need? 

We recommend access to a commercial gym or well-equipped home gym to get the most out of your monthly program. You'll want access to a variety of dumbbells, a barbell, plates, an adjustable bench, resistance bands, pull cables and a pull-up bar.

when are new programs released?

New programs are released on the first day of the month. 

when will I get my program?

With our new monthly workout format you'll receive your program as soon as you complete your purchase!

is nutrition included?

This is not a nutrition program. We do offer 1-1 nutrition coaching where we can work together on your achieving your goals. Learn more about that here.

how many days of programs are included?

It depends on which program you select. The program days can range from 4 workouts per week to 6 workouts per week. 

is cardio included?

Cardio is not featured in these programs.

how will I get my program?

Your program will be automatically delivered to you in your email inbox. It will also be available in our Member's Area under My Orders.

i missed last month’s program. can i still get it?
is this an auto-pay subscription?

While previously our Monthly Programs were an auto-pay subscription format, that is no longer the case. You must purchase each month that you'd like to receive the program.

Each month's program is ONLY available during that month, After the month ends, the program is no longer available for purchase.

can I get a refund?

There are no refunds on digital items.


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